Having started in 1960s, our commercial life has continued with construction materials sales, a major field in construction business in 1970s, and we have supplied construction material to many leading companies of Eskisehir’s emerging construction market. We have further penetrated in construction market in 1985 by launching civil engineering contract business. In time we have placed more emphasis on contract business and completed many projects, primarily residential and office building projects, on construct-and-sell basis, under the company name of SOYİÇ İNŞAAT (Soyic Construction) and have become a leading brand and company in this business in Eskisehir.

   We obtain certificate of occupancy for all residential and office building that we construct, implement all civil engineering regulations determined by municipalities, chamber of architects, and inspection agencies, as appropriate for today’s conditions and requirements, and aim the stability above all else.

   In addition to having constructed only the residential and office buildings that fully comply with loan requirements, our company provides convenient payment plans as per the demands of the customers and ability to trade when necessary, and has made hundreds of individuals owners of residential and office spaces.

   Pursuing activities under company name of SOYİÇ İNŞAAT, our company proceeds confidently in its way to institutionalization with its affiliate companies, brands, experienced personnel and teams, proven business and solution partners, equity capital and equipments in line with customer demands without compromising from the quality. Having lived up to its promises so far with all activities pursued and all buildings constructed, we will continue to bring in modern, sound and proper constructions in Eskisehir within acceptable time limits and in a timely manner, using quality materials, and provide soundness and comfort together in all residential and office buildings we are to construct, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Address : Sakarya 1 caddesi no: 72/A ESKİŞEHİR / TURKEY
Telephone : 0 222 231 20 01 – 220 13 56
Fax : 0 222 233 21 02
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